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A Packet of Cheese & Onion Bureaucracy is awaiting festival release. Please request a password to view the film. 

A man's quest for a simple snack and drink turns into a bureaucratic nightmare in a futuristic society where AI-led corporations control everything and humans struggle to find meaning in their lives.

Comedy | Sci-Fi
Run Time: 10 mins 10 sec

Written & Directed by Katy Kendrick
Director of Photography, Mark Stewart 

Check out the film's detailed cast and crew list on IMDB:
Stills from A Packet of Cheese & Onion Bureaucracy:
Laurel for the short film, Room Tone, Award Winner, London International Short Film Festival 2016

Room Tone 

Written and Directed by Raphael Chipperfield.

Starring Daisy Lowe, Justin O'Shea, Andrew Alexander, Elliott Ross, Chelsea Edge, Omri Rose, Nell Hudson.

Cinematography by Frank Madone.

Produced by Katy Kendrick.

A White Lodge Production.

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