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Filming 2024 - "MONDAY MOTIVATION" - A Survival/Thriller/Horror short film written and directed by Katy Kendrick

Drawn by the 'get rich and successful' promises of a world-famous motivational speaker, a group are invited to an exclusive life coaching, manifesting day that quickly descends into a dark realm of psychological torture and manipulative mind games. As desires are exploited and hopes crushed, survival becomes a gripping struggle, pushing them to gamble not only on their own but their families' lives in a sinister play for their dreams


Filming Spring 2025 - "THE WHISPERING" - A Supernatural Drama short film written and directed by Katy Kendrick 

SEDNA ENERGY: a new era of power. Its cost: the unraveling of reality


In the aftermath of a devastating weather event that took the life of her son, a meteorologist, Dr Gabriella Ramirez, becomes fixated on uncovering the truth behind the mysterious forces influencing the weather. She stumbles upon a chilling discovery. Employed by the secretive SEDNA ENERGY SERVICES, the company's concealed revolutionary energy source not only alters weather patterns but unleashes creepy, sinister consequences—mysterious deaths, a haunting rain of toxic animal heads and entrails, and shadows that whisper ghostly figures. Distorting Earth's natural laws, these anomalies drive Gabriella to confront eldritch elements, railroading her into a desperate race against time to save her community from a forewarning of imminent dread


5 TIMES AWARD WINNER: Best Comedy Film, Wild Indie & Fantasy Film Festival (2024); Best Screenplay, Celludroid Sci-Fi Film Festival (2023); Best Sci-Fi  Short Film, Aasha International Film Festival (2023); Best Sci-Fi, RS Film Fest (2023); and Best Sci-Fi , HB Film Festival (2023)

A man's quest for a simple snack and drink turns into a bureaucratic nightmare in a futuristic society where AI-led corporations control everything and humans struggle to find meaning in their lives.

Comedy | Sci-Fi
Run Time: 10 mins 10 sec

Written & Directed by Katy Kendrick

Co-Writer, Robert Firth
Producer, Xiaoyan Li
Director of Photography, Mark Stewart 

Full cast and crew list on IMDB:
Stills from A Packet of Cheese & Onion Bureaucracy:
Laurel for the short film, Room Tone, Award Winner, London International Short Film Festival 2016

Room Tone 

Written and Directed by Raphael Chipperfield.

Starring Daisy Lowe, Justin O'Shea, Andrew Alexander, Elliott Ross, Chelsea Edge, Omri Rose, Nell Hudson.

Cinematography by Frank Madone.

Produced by Katy Kendrick.

A White Lodge Production.

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