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Supporting role: ROSA

Dir: Samson Nicholas. Bridge Lane Productions

Genre: Action/Drama. Short film

Principal Photography: February 17 2024




I am cast in the lead role of MASTER MIND. 

Dir: Stefanie Ridge. A Centre Frame Films production

Genre: Comedy/Action. Short fil

Principal Photography:  April 7 2024
A Prime Minister who’s a deceitful egomaniac, sexual predator and a Vampire! What could go wrong...

Supporting Role: I played the Prime Minister's apparatchik SECRETARY 


Dir: Laurence Mills. A FOTA Films production

*This film is currently on the 2024 international film festival circuit. IMDB link coming soon*


A Whole Host of Reasons (To Stay Somewhere Else)

A very short-tempered Airbnb host who really shouldn't be opening her home up to anyone "welcomes" the kindest, well-behaved guests who have no idea what's in store for them when they knock on the door. 

Written, Directed and Edited by Tiana Linden.

DOP and Sound Mixer, Simon Cecil Leplar

Airbnb Host - Katy Kendrick

Guest 1 - Anna Fiertag

Guest 2 - Anil Appadoo

A Shut Up and Shoot Production

Little People

Welcome to Will and Katy’s world where their desperation and haphazard approach to gain status within the media industry sees things go very, very wrong for these naïve, arrogant, and ludicrously pretentious
wannabes. Devised, filmed and directed by Will Pine and Katy Kendrick. Edited by Will Pine. Produced by Alison Holder. 

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