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Description headline about services Kendrix Pictures offer: "Directing, Writing, Promos Videography and Editing"



The AI revolution is upon us and Artificial Intelligence is coming to a pub near you very soon.

Award-winning Comedy Sci-Fi short film where one man's quest for a simple snack turns into a bureaucratic nightmare in this futuristic society where AI-led corporations run everything and humans struggle to find meaning in their lives.


Written & Directed by Katy Kendrick

Producer, Xiaoyan Li

Co-Writer Robert Firth

DOP Mark Stewart 

Watch the full film 


Jo Brand, Sharon Horgan, CWIP awards being sponsored by kendrix pictures in the Evening standard, Patsy Ferran and Paul Mescal

NEWS - Kendrix Pictures Made National Press 

Kendrix Pictures proudly sponsored CWIP Price 2023, Comedy Women In Print. The UK & Ireland's first comedy literary prize dedicated to celebrating witty women's writing. 

Here is my favourite feature of the Kendrix Pictures logo - inbetween the heads of two comedy legends. 

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